The anti iPhone from TMobile

Last night I had dinner at Dave Winer’s house with Michael Gartenberg, Peter Rojas (the guy who started engadget), Scott Rosenberg of Slate, and Jeremy Toeman (gadget guru). It was an incredible dinner. Thanks Dave for inviting me. This dinner alone was better than all the conferences I’ve been to this year wrapped up.

Anyway, at one point Michael Gartenberg pulled a phone out of his pocket and said that this was a just announced phone (the embargo ended during the dinner). It was an ugly device. It was no iPhone. It looked like a phone that was popular five years ago. Flip phone style. Small screen. Cheap to build. You know the style.

I asked “why is there any company crazy enough to announce a new ugly phone during iPhoneManiaWeek?”

Then he explained what it did and I understood. It’s the anti iPhone.

It’s the equivilent of the Wii when compared to the sexier Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

You know there’s a huge market of people who say “I don’t need the Web, I don’t need a cool camera, I don’t need a GPS. I don’t want a device that costs $600. I just want a phone.”

Anyway, one thing it does is use wifi when available, which saves you money on making a phone call.

Michael Gartenberg has all the details on the new TMobile service and phone.

Note that he didn’t put a picture up. Yes, it’s that ugly. It’s the anti iPhone.