Inventor of Wikis pays homage to Bill Atkinson

Kara Swisher, co-founder of the “D” conference, which is where you saw Bill Gates and Steve Jobs on stage together, which makes her one of the most powerful tech industry people, dropped by today while we were waiting in line for our iPhones.

I introduced her to Ward Cunningham, inventor of the wiki, who paid some respects to Bill Atkinson, inventor of HyperCard. Turns out the wiki was influenced by Hypercard. To see this all go down, watch Kara’s video she shot today.

It lives up to every bit of hype

Amazing device. Amazing line. Steve Jobs showed up, unfortunately that was after we had left the store but we saw him arrive and walk into the store (he walked to the store from his home).

Also joining us in line was Andy Hertzfeld in addition to Bill Atkinson, who I talked about earlier. Both members of the official Mac team. Inventor of the Wiki, Ward Cunningham, showed up earlier in the day. Kara Swisher, one of the most powerful tech journalists (she works for Wall Street Journal and, along with Walt Mossberg, produce the “D” conference which is the one where both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates shared the stage a while back.

Patrick is so happy he doesn’t know what to do. We are absolutely drained. Got a shower, but am off to bed.

Being the first customer into the store was an experience I’ll never forget. They had something like 50 employees all hanging around the store. All cheering wildly. It was surreal. I should have brought a video camera in, but it was a moment I’ll never forget. Over the top.

It was worth every minute of waiting in line.

OK, I’ll be honest, we’ve barely turned it on. But when you open your box you’ll realize that Apple has changed the way we all will look at mobile phones forever. Even if you don’t buy one you’ll see other companies react to this.

When people say it lives up to the hype they are right. Amazing device. Amazing store experience.

If you wonder why Apple gets hype you need to come and wait in line with us and see just what’s up.

The adrenaline has to subside a bit before I really take on doing a halfway decent review.

More after we get some sleep, too.

iPhones are here?

Unloading the iPhones

We counted at least 30 of these boxes getting unloaded a few minutes ago off of a UPS truck. The management at the store in Palo Alto tried fruitlessly to block our view.

Photo credit: Thomas Hawk.

Report from the line

Bill Atkinson in line to buy his iPhone

So, it’s been non-stop in line here. I haven’t had my hands on a keyboard until 3 a.m.

Why did I wait in line in Palo Alto and not the more sexy San Francisco? Easy, I knew there’d be more geeks in line here. And the line did not disappoint.

First of all, Bill Atkinson is in line here. He was Apple’s first software developer. He wrote Mac Paint. Hypercard. Did the windowing system. And much more. Most historians believe he’s one of the top software developers Silicon Valley has ever seen. And that’s no hype.

He’s been telling folks in line all sorts of old Macintosh stories (he was on the original Mac team). We streamed his conversation live and it really was incredible. Loren Heiny was watching our live stream tonight and said the conversation was awesome. Plus his photography (what he’s passionate about now) is stunning. We’re going to try to do a photo walking with him soon.

Steve Gillmor filmed the conversation and we’ll have it up on PodTech.

Anyway, I’m going to try to get some sleep and see ya in a few hours.

There’s 125 people in line at 3:36 a.m.

Also in line? The Quicken Mac Team. Zooomr. Smug Mug. TechMeme. Quite a few others.

I have a few photos on my Flickr account. I’m sure there are other ones too. Plus we’re streaming live still over on Ustream.