Daily Archives: July 2, 2007

Too old for Facebook?

Fred Wilson of AVC blog notes that most users of Facebook are younger. Hmmm, why are the New York VC’s always hinting to us old fogeys that we’re too old to “get it?”

I’ve been on Facebook about a month now. I have just about 2,000 friends. Almost none of whom are “young enough to be in college.”

Do not miss what’s happening to Facebook. It is turning mainstream.

One trend that bloggers don’t want to talk about? A number of my blogging friends have seen their traffic go down lately. They assume that their readers are off in social networks. I think they are absolutely right.

Pownce, for instance, started less than a week ago. Already 400 people have friended me there.

But, what do I know? I’m too old to get it.