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Who’s going to iPhone Dev Camp? (UPDATED)

Will iPhone Dev Camp be the hottest event of the year? Well, we waited in line to buy it, now we gotta figure out how to write JavaScript and HTML for it. Inside dig at the lack of an SDK. But I think I’ll try to bring Patrick by to film some video. He’s still over the top excited about the iPhone. Maybe this will get him to get interested in programming a bit. Anyway, it’s this weekend at Adobe Systems in San Francisco and looks like it’ll be attended by TONS of great developers.

Oh, and I hope each one of the approximately 300 attendees walks up to an Adobe employee and asks them “how’s Flash for the iPhone coming?”

I hear that many employees are sick of getting asked that. I wonder why? Heheh. I’ve also heard from tons of people that the answer is still the same and still as consistent and fast. Anyway, this is looking like a darn interesting event.

UPDATE: I just learned that no NDA will be needed this weekend.

A fun look at the goofiness in Silicon Valley

[podtech content=http://media1.podtech.net/media/2007/07/PID_011786/Podtech_TechOne_EPS1.flv&postURL=http://www.podtech.net/home/3494/techone-episode-1-iphonomics &totalTime=346000&breadcrumb=36aad6a46d3f47249ce68173ae949be6]

Tom Foremski, aka “Silicon Valley Watcher,” started a new show today called “TechOne.” First show is a fun look at how Silicon Valley reacted to iPhone launch.

Seen in this video is Jamis MacNiven, the guy who owns Bucks, the famous (Jamis says infamous) eatery in Woodside where lots of deals are done (Netscape was incorporated there). He’s talking with Valerie, who works at PodTech.

Oh, also seen is a small snippet of the nighttime conversation I had with Bill Atkinson, member of the original Mac team. Stick this in your iPhone.

Lots more over on PodTech including video from the Mercury News about Spock, the hot new social search engine.

Anyway, welcome Tom to the PodTech family. Glad to have you aboard!