Why Microsoft outplays Apple long term

Gang at iPhoneDevCamp

OK, let me set the scene here. Three weeks ago this event didn’t exist. 300 developers are here in San Francisco. All voluntarily. All organized themselves.

I’ve already met a Microsoft employee. A Yahoo employee. A Verisign employee.

But where’s the Apple employees?

Here are 300 developers who WANT to help Apple make its iPhone even better. Yet Apple’s secrecy and lack of care for developers demonstrates itself by not showing up.

Apple should remember 1989. It had a massive lead with the Macintosh. It ended up with, what, five percent market share.

Why? At least in part because it told developers to go pound sand.

History is repeating itself.

This is a VERY geeky room. Developers only (I’m one of only a handful of people who aren’t a developer here).

Watch Flickr for photos from the event

Watch Twitters from the event. I’ll put up some TwitterGrams (short, recorded audio pieces sent to Twitter) shortly.

If you’re a developer you’ll want to be at this event. It’s a remarkable event already. The conversations here are flowing big time. I haven’t seen this kind of developer energy for a long time.

Where’s Apple? Microsoft is here.

If this were a Microsoft event the evangelism team would be here in force with T-shirts, stickers, free dev tools, tons of geeks who could help people figure out technical issues, and more. Look at how Microsoft dealt with Maker Faire, they sent the guy who builds Bill Gates’ keynote demos to help out. THAT is how Microsoft got 90% market share.

Where’s Apple?

UPDATE: John Dowdell notes that there may be a few Apple employees there, but they aren’t telling anyone they are from Apple. That changes his opinion of Apple, for the worse.

Pownce is Powncing…

Damn, since Pownce opened up just a week or so ago I’ve been getting a steady stream of people who want to be my friends. Twitter is still ahead, but growing far slower. Just today I added another 120 friends to Pownce for a total of 839. More than 4,400 on Twitter and more than 1,200 on Facebook. Here’s an interesting interview about how Pownce came about.

All four of the social networks I’m on, Facebook, Twitter, Jaiku, and Pownce are VERY active. How we’ll keep up with all of these I have absolutely no idea.