Daily Archives: July 6, 2007

iPhone mania continues in SF

iPhone mania at SF Apple store

Patrick and I dropped in on the San Francisco Apple store tonight before our walk with Dave Winer. Photos on my Flickr feed of that.

The San Francisco store was sold out of iPhones.

Every few seconds another person would enter the store and ask “when are you getting more?”

The display with cases was mobbed. Could hardly get close to it. Someone ripped off an iPhone from the display right before we got there, too.

iPhone mania continues, at least at the San Francisco store.

Oh, I just checked the iPhone availability page and Apple is sold out tonight at EVERY SINGLE STORE in California. Amazing.

Apple working on Adobe Flash support for iPhone

I just saw this on Digg that Apple is working with Adobe on Flash for the iPhone. Now the timing on this release is funny. Why? Because on Monday morning I’ll be on a bus with a few Adobe executives. Not to mention that tomorrow night the iPhoneDevCamp starts at Adobe. I guess someone in PR figured it’d leak so they might as well tell Walt Mossberg all about it.

Of course astute readers of my blog knew this a couple of weeks ago.

Now what goes with Flash? Games, games, games!!!

Can’t wait for the updates.

I’ll ask Adobe for more details tomorrow night and on Monday.