Adobe Chief Software Architect has an iPhone, says “ask Apple” about Flash

So, I’m sitting with Kevin Lynch, Chief Software Architect at Adobe, is proudly showing off his iPhone. That led me to ask “will we see Flash on the iPhone?” He said that I’d have to call Apple to find out about that.

UPDATE: a little later I was trying to play one of Kongregate’s games and it is taking a long time to load cause our wireless network in the bus is not consistently good (that’s how a corporate employee would say “it sucks”). So I turn to Kevin and say “if the iPhone DID have Flash, how would you make games load fast on it even when you’re using AT&T’s Edge network?” He quickly answered “I’d use AIR [Adobe’s Integrated Runtime] to cache the game locally.” Then we had a good laugh as he realized his words were going out over the Internet over the streaming video here and that his words might be construed as something official on behalf of Adobe (it’s not, but it was a fun moment nonetheless).

Why do I keep talking about the iPhone? Well, there are six iPhones on this bus. That shows how quickly Apple has excited the top geeks inside Adobe.

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