Oh, Gillmor! (Fake Steve will hate this) — EXPLICIT

Bad Sinatra starts out with a walk into Marc Benioff’s office (CEO of Salesforce.com) and goes downhill from there. How far downhill? Let’s watch…

After Benioff’s office, the video rolls into a conversation with Dan Farber, ZDNet’s head blogger.
Then to Doc Searls talking with Salim Ismael.

Now he’s arguing with Dan Farber. Hmmm, now you get to see what San Francisco parties are like. Ahh, “Office is Dead” already comes up.

Mike Arrington shows up. Calls Gillmor “a dick.”

Ahh, I’m in the Bad Sinatra I video too. Gillmor is too lazy to pan on me. Dang, that tape is old, I wondered when Steve would use it.

Slightly not office safe. Or is that “slightly not Microsoft Office ™ safe?” Heheh. It’s not really that explicit, just a four-letter word or two.

Finally, Marc Benioff’s face at the end when Steve asks him about the iPhone is priceless. I bet Fake Steve Jobs will hate this cause of what he says about the iPhone.

As the description says, “it’s not the Gillmor Gang, but who cares.”

Can’t wait to see #2.

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