Welcome to Marc Andreessen’s comments

Marc Andreessen wrote an interesting post about his first five weeks blogging. He was the founder of Netscape, for those of you who are new to the Internet.

Anyway, he says he doesn’t have open comments anymore cause he couldn’t keep up and keep them clean enough.

I say “outsource what you hate.” I’m definitely working to outsource my email, for instance.

There’s lots of bloggers who are trying to figure out how to make money from blogging out there and cry that they never get linked to. Imagine what would happen if you could say “I run Marc Andreessen’s comments!” I bet that PR people would start calling you. Steve Jobs might even answer your phone calls. Heck, the maître d’ at Junnoon (Silicon Valley’s best place to spot a venture capitalist — it’s right next to Facebook too so you could probably make up some good stories for Valleywag there) would probably give you the best table and would impress your significant other with “special deserts from the chef.”

Heck, I used to help run the chat room for Leo Laporte (really, I did, back when he was on KGO radio and before he helped invent Kevin Rose). That alone was good enough to get a tour around Fry’s Electronics from the co-founder of that (true story, it was the opening day of the Sunnyvale store and he gave a bunch of us “Laporteans” a tour).

So, I’ll appoint myself to be temporary keeper of Marc’s comments until he figures out there are lots of people who would LOVE to keep his comment area free of people like Nick Denton. If you want to say something to Marc without having your own blog, just say it here. For now. 🙂