Goodbye to the music industry … maybe

Well, more accurately, goodbye to internet radio stations who play music. Most of the small time radio stations (and even most of the big ones, my friends who work at such tell me) won’t be able to make ends meet with the new fees.

So, why do I say goodbye to the music industry? Because how do kids find out about new music? On the Internet. Where on the Internet? Radio stations. Well, when they aren’t stealing music or borrowing their friends iPods that is.

Anyway, I’m not sure where to go with this. It’ll keep smaller musicians from getting found, too, because internet radio stations have to pay the new fees even if they only play small, indie style, music.

I’m bummed by this, especially since I have friends who work at Pandora and other Internet radio stations.

UPDATE: Wired says that the new fee structure won’t be put into place by SoundExchange. Ahh, this story just keeps moving. To understand this issue, you might go back and watch the interview I did with Tom Conrad, Pandora’s CTO.