The “secret” video lives of Facebookers

All this naughty Friday talk about how much Facebook is worth?

Forget about all that wacky valuation talk. It’s Friday night and I’m seeing something else coming through my Facebook: a secret video society has started up.

See, if you friend me over on Facebook then you get access to Kevin Rose. He’s that super famous dude who started Digg and Pownce and Revision 3 and all that. But forget that for a moment because he’s been putting his top secret cat videos up on his Facebook profile. OK, it’s not quite Diggnation, but he’s not the only one doing it. Tonight I see Eddie Codel, Eric Rice, and a few others posting videos and commenting on other people’s videos.

There’s a whole secret society of people putting up video for just their friends to look at.

Oh, and it’s easy to add video to your own profile and because you can make it so that just your Facebook friends can see your video it’s pretty safe to play around and post some lame video that, if it were on YouTube might just go viral and get you onto the nightly news. Just add the video application in Facebook if you don’t have it already and use the Web cam built into your laptop (both my Sony and my Mac work great).

I’m putting up video too that’s just for my Facebook friends. I’m thinking of doing a video about my Google Reader Link Blog. In fact, I’ll record one and put it up now. But to view it you’ve gotta be on Facebook and you’ve gotta friend me (I’ll friend you back).

UPDATE: I recorded 20 minutes worth. Facebook only lets you record 10 minutes at a time. Pretty easy to do, why don’t you try it?