Daily Archives: July 16, 2007

Did Digg link here?

I’m getting tons of abuse for comments I made about Jakob Nielsen. Now, usually I’d wonder if I really did something more lame than I usually do. But the comments are almost all from anonymous people who’ve never posted here before and the contain flames of the quality that usually come from Digg.

So, what’s up?

Well, Digg did link today. But that’s to the Google Reader thing and the comments are fairly erudite. For Digg’ers.

Coding Horror’s Jeff Atwood linked to me and told me off, but his readers are usually the kind that don’t get in the gutter with personal attacks.

So, not sure what’s up, but that post sure brought out the 14-year-old anonymous trolls in droves.

Anyway, because Jeff Atwood told me off, that tells me I went over the top with that post.

I’m sorry. Can someone pull off the 14-year-old attack dogs?

Maybe that’s what Jakob meant: write long, meaty posts, if you don’t want the trolls to come and visit you.

Oh, back to the Google Reader Shared Items Facebook application. It just got another major update. Now shows tags, and shows who linked to each post. It’s “Digg for the smart people.” About time.

UPDATE: that Digg link was worth about 21,000 views today. Interesting that Digg’s audience hasn’t grown much in the past year.

The iCult, continued…

Why do I love living near Silicon Valley? Well, last night Thomas Hawk and Kristopher Tate and I were out to dinner. Had a lovely meal at Pasta Moon. Highly recommended, great food.

Anyway, at one point one of the waiters sees Thomas playing with his new iPhone. Quickly pulls out his own iPhone and starts comparing apps.

Turns out the waiter was Richard Poncini, has been working at Pasta Moon for 14 years and has his own cooking business as well — he regularly makes feasts for other chefs at the Ritz, we learned.

Now, how does a business keep great employees? We learned that the owner of Pasta Moon is taking her entire staff to Italy soon. No wonder the food is so good.

By the way, I’ve never had a waiter notice my Nokia N95. The iCult continues…

UPDATE: I should have also told you what happened earlier in the day when we were having a snack at the Ritz with Francine Hardaway. The waitress there heard us talking about Facebook and chimed in and said “I’m on Facebook.” Cool, so are we. So are we.

Upcoming.org, my new calendar

For those of you who haven’t yet added me as a friend on Facebook you probably didn’t notice that I’m now using Upcoming.org as my social calendar. There’s a Facebook application which shows all my Facebook friends my calendar and where I’ll be. Oh, and we’re going to Portland this week. Search Upcoming.org for “Portland, Oregon” and you’ll find out there’s a Blogger Dinner on Thursday night. I’ll be there.

Of course, if you were a friend of mine on Facebook (I add everyone who asks) then you could see my entire calendar, just visit my profile page. Upcoming is a wonderful service.

So is Eventful, by the way. But I can’t find a Facebook application that’ll use Eventful, so Upcoming.org (owned by Yahoo) it is.

Now do you understand why every startup and Web service is struggling to get a Facebook strategy? I will support those startups that make my Facebook profile page better and more useful.

New association of downloadable media group starts up

I’m happy to see PodTech helping in the formation of a new assocation of companies who have interests in downloadable media industry: Apple, NPR, Revision 3, PodShow, BlogTalkRadio, LibSyn, Kiptronic, Personal Life Media, Podtrack, Podbridge, Nielsen, and others. John Furrier has the details and links to other blogs who are writing about this.

The goal here is to become a next-generation Interactive Advertising Bureau.