Poke Scoble in the nose (or make your own game at mygame.com)

Want to build your own game with your own face on it? MyGame.com has the answer. Here’s a cute little game we created last week where you get to poke me in the nose. Ouch, knock that off. Hey!

You can see how this game was developed. I have an interview with Robert Norton, VP of business development at MyGame.com, and he also has a demo. In the interview he talks with me about the casual gaming market and how he sees things evolving.

Here’s an embedded version of the demo I filmed:

[podtech content=http://media1.podtech.net/media/2007/07/PID_011944/Podtech_KingGames_demo.flv&postURL=http://www.podtech.net/home/3624/demo-of-mygamecom-custom-games-on-the-web &totalTime=478000&breadcrumb=977c7b5bc3db4c95b392971c109c064e]

Incentive to join Facebook

I just posted videos I did with Siemens’ Web strategist and Intel’s software community manager to Facebook. Available to my Facebook friends. I’ll add you as a friend so you can see these videos. Just sign up on Facebook and add me as a friend.

Facebook: the new data black hole

Oh, my.

I added the WordPress Facebook Application a few days ago. Now my blog, and your comments, are showing up on my Facebook Profile Page. Along with my Twitters. My Flickr photos. My Google Reader items. My Kyte videos. And a bunch of other things.

Jeremiah Owyang is sitting here with me and he’s the one who said it’s a black hole after seeing how Facebook is becoming the new portal for all information you post around the Web. He wrote a post titled “all your widgets are belong to Facebook.”

Other evidence that Facebook is a black hole, sucking stuff into it: They just acquired Parakey, a stealth-mode startup started by Blake Ross and Joe Hewitt, two former Firefox geeks.

Changes at PodTech…

It’s interesting being part of a small company, PodTech, and watching and helping that company change direction. Yesterday we made some moves that are getting attention in the news. I wish Irina all the best.

I know I’m a bit opaque about what’s going on at PodTech. Not really very transparent of me, I know. But we’re becoming a more focused company and that leads to a whole range of things that I can’t yet share.

As with anything, if you have any questions, my phone number is 425-205-1921 and I’ll be happy to answer the questions, if I can.

Just for the record, I’m 100% committed to PodTech and the moves that John Furrier and the executive team is making and won’t reevaluate my career until Spring of 2008.

Irina is still a friend and will always be part of the PodTech family and I wish her all the best. Her humor still makes me laugh and she’s one of the most tied in people to the community I’ve ever known. If I wanted to know something about what people thought she’s the first person I’d go to for that.