Why I don’t recommend Cocomment

I remember why I uninstalled Cocomment months ago. It often interfered with my ability to write comments.

Here’s what’s going on. I just tried to upload a comment over on CNET, and another one here to respond to someone. But Cocomment is giving me an error message on both and keeping my comments from uploading.

Cocomment should NEVER keep a comment from being posted. Even if the service is down. But it does. It’s very frustrating.

Until I stop seeing these kinds of error messages I can not recommend Cocomment which pains me greatly because it provides a great deal of utility when it does work.

To be fair, they are loading up version 2 today. Hopefully that fixes this bug. But for now it’s frustrating me to no end. Luckily I have a browser that doesn’t have Cocomment loaded. Praise be Parallels on the Mac!