Calacanis can’t keep up with Facebook

I’ve been on Facebook, what, about six weeks? I have more than 4,000 friends so if anyone should be complaining about “Facebook chores” like adding new friends or dealing with “application spam” it should be me. Jason Calacanis has been on for a while and only has 395 friends and now is giving up because he hasn’t figured out how to keep up with “Facebook chores.”

Rex Hammock chides him
. I’m not going to link directly to Jason, cause I want you to read Rex’s post first cause Rex has a good point on this issue.


Why? Because Facebook is now a media distribution network (among other things).

I’m in the media creation and distribution business.

When Calacanis gives up that means there’s fewer competitors.

Media creation also means I need to be a professional networker. That’s why I go to TechCrunch parties — to find great people to interview. Last night I collected a stack of business cards. Those people get invited to join Facebook. Why? Facebook is the new business card AND the new media distribution network. Watch what’s happening with video inside Facebook. Watch what’s happening with applications.

More of the best names in tech are on Facebook than any other social network I’m on (and I’m on a ton of them).

I’m glad Jason isn’t taking the time to do it.

Anyone else in this business want to avoid Facebook? Please do it! Means more opportunity for the rest of us.

Speaking of which, I’m gonna leave a little video message on this topic for Jason over on my Facebook profile.

UPDATE: as an example, over on Facebook I just shared a video done by Terry Storch and Brian Bailey on the Blogging Church (Brian blogs for one of the biggest churches in the USA). Facebook is the ultimate “pass along” video source. No one person gets huge distribution, but get passed along enough and a sizeable audience will show up. In fact, I can’t add more than 5,000 friends in Facebook so the audience size of any one person will always be small. But the passalong is huge. The app platform there works the same way — virally. Anyone miss that iLike got millions of visitors in the first two weeks? I didn’t.

IBM distinguished engineer on, um, marketing?

[podtech content= &totalTime=889000&breadcrumb=53fbd63147c04efdab6328cefe71ca66]

At the Internet Strategy Forum last week in Portland I met Mike Moran, a distinguished engineer at IBM. But we don’t talk about engineering, instead, we talk about marketing.


In the video you’ll see why.

Chris cracks up…

Oh, boy, now THIS is how to properly respond to blog criticism.

UPDATE: my blog commenters didn’t like it. I think the reason I liked it was that he laughed it off. I’ve tried a variety of ways to respond to various criticisms around the blogs and most just get you seen as an arrogant jerk, or dig you deeper in the hole, or feed the critic’s goals. Chris’s laughing it off is often the best way to respond, in my experience.

But, I admit, it might not be something worth watching in hindsight. So, I’ve just put up a bunch of great blogs on my link blog.

TechCrunch TwitterGrams

Patrick and Mike Arrington at TechCrunch party

Experience a little bit of the TechCrunch party — 30 seconds of audio at a time.

David Weekly of PBWiki with a little adoption news about their wiki service.

OpenDNS’s CEO, David Ulevitch (a little hard to hear, but he was telling me why OpenDNS is a cool service — I’m going to try it out and get over there for an interview).

Ash Damle, CEO of Medgle, a personalized medical search engine, explains why his service is unique.

Bradley Horowitz, of Yahoo (the guy who bought Flickr) talks to me about what he’s excited about.

Dave Winer talks to me about TwitterGram.

Ryan Hoge and Doug Pierce of Microsoft talk to me about FolderShare and LiveFolders from Microsoft.

And before the party Larry Magid (famous tech journalist) told us that he’s partnering with PodTechww on a show called Digital Crossroads.

Twittering from Twitter about Twitter with Twitter

Twitter sticker at Twitter headquarters

I’m at Twitter’s headquarters in the South Park neighborhood in San Francisco chatting with the team, who just got funded by a group of investors. You can read all about it on TechMeme.

Some things:

1) Every employee here has an iPhone. Hint: recruiting ploy. What would you rather have? Free meals at Google or a cool cell phone? Heheh.
2) Biz Stone, co-founder, told me, via a TwitterGram interview (what else?) that they are not implementing a business plan, but are in research mode. He told me it’s funny to read reports that they haven’t thought about business models. “We’ve done a lot of thinking about business models for Twitter.”
3) The scaling issues that Twitter had after the SXSW conference (the site was slow, often unavailable, etc) are now mostly behind them (although the home page is still a bit slow for me, but that has something to do with the thousands of icons on my Twitter page. The team tells me their architecture is now “horizontally scalable” which they explained meant that they could just throw more hardware at any problem that comes up from now on.
4) No new features to announce yet, but they say they’re working hard on a “slew of stuff” coming soon.
5) Dave Winer (the guy who invented TwitterGram) has a good post this morning on “what is Twitter.”
6) Co-founder Evan Williams is getting married tomorrow. Congrats!

Here’s Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter holding his iPhone.

Biz Stone at Twitter

I’m on Twitter here.

Ray Ozzie coming out of his shell

Mary Jo Foley is covering Microsoft’s Financial Analysts’ Meeting where they are announcing a range of new infrastructure. My friends at Microsoft are pretty hyped up about this, so I’ll be following the announcements closely and hoping to get a better look when I visit Seattle for the Gnomedex conference in a couple of weeks.

Ray Ozzie is expected to announce some major new services infrastructure. Steve Ballmer threw a new name out there, which Mary Jo caught: Windows Live Cloud Infrastructure.

There’s a lot more on the news coming out of the analyst meeting on TechMeme today and I’m sure there’s more to come after Ray Ozzie finishes.