Apple press conference (the blue monster goes to Cupertino)

David Pogue, tech writer at New York Times hanging out at Bucks with Patrick

Yeah, you can go over to Engadget or Gizmodo or some Apple-oriented blog (MacSurfer is my favorite because it links to anything that moves in the Apple space).

I’m sure they’ll all do an awesome job of covering tomorrow’s Apple press conference with text, pictures, video, and analysis. It starts at about 10 a.m.

But I’m going to take a different trail. I’m going to use my channel. I’ll be answering the chat there live. And posting video and audio and other things.

What’s cool about that? Well, you can post videos to my channel! And the live chat there can include audio, text, or video. I’ll be reporting from my Mac and maybe my cell phone (do you think it’d be rude to pull out a Nokia during an Apple press conference? Heh! I guess that’s one way to make the point that the iPhone really needs video capabilities to be considered a great phone).

Oh, and Hugh Macleod will be happy to know that my Mac has a Microsoft blue monster on it. So, the blue monster is going to Apple. Ahh, the fun!

Who is that in the picture above? New York Times tech journalist David Pogue. He wrote a book on the iPhone titled the missing manual.

I wasn’t the one who recognized David to tell the truth. He was having lunch at Bucks when my son recognized him (my son says that Pogue did the best iPhone video). My son is really the one who should go tomorrow. He knows more about Apple than most Apple employees do. He’ll be watching from PodTech’s offices. I’m sure he’ll give us some reactions too.

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