Second part of conversations with Tom Rolander now up

In the second part of Tom Rolander’s conversations with us about early computer industry history we head to a restaurant in Pacific Grove (near Monterey, CA) and hear more stories about industry history. Buzz Bruggeman, CEO of Activewords, gets involved too along with Mrinal Desai, VP of Sales and business development at Crossloop, Tom’s new company.

Tom was Gary Kildall’s best friend and flying partner and had a front-row seat during the early part of the personal computer industry (Kildall was the inventor of CPM which was the operating system that IBM was interested in for its then new PC).

Tomorrow the third and final part of our conversations will be up. There we’ll take a walk around historic buildings of Pacific Grove (just a few miles from Monterey Bay Aquarium) and he’ll tell us more stories of now-defunct Digital Research.

We also just uploaded the video of CrossLoop which is a free product that lets you help other people out with their computer problems. This is Tom’s new company.