Warner Music: why do you fund this crap?

I just saw a very disturbing report on 60 Minutes (an important TV news show in USA) about the music business that pushes a “no snitching” campaign. It impugned Warner Music. That’s the company that Ethan Kaplan works for (as head of technology). Now, admittedly, he’s a geek there, not directly involved in choosing the music strategies of Warner, but let’s start there.

Ethan: why do you guys fund this kind of crap?

You talk about “blowhard hacks” at Gnomedex.

What you are doing and funding (and supporting through your technology) is FAR worse for the human race than any arguing we’re doing at Gnomedex.

What do you say about this Ethan?

How can you write hypocritical posts like this one about Gnomedex and go to work for the company you work for who are spreading the kind of vile described by 60 Minutes?