TechCrunch: Linkblogs are evil?

Ahh, TechCrunch gets after linkblogs and warns Google not to turn on more features in Google Reader.

As publisher of the biggest linkblog on the Internet, with about 300,000 items collected over the past year, you might be right to sense that I don’t agree.

But you’d be wrong.

Content producers should be able to keep their content off of such link blogs.

The thing is TechCrunch is way behind the times here. If you don’t want your content used on such link blogs you should look at what Sphinn is doing: providing only partial text feeds.

Also, reputable link bloggers should comply with the wishes of content producers.

So, Mike Arrington, are you asking me to stop link blogging TechCrunch? If so, I’ll unsubscribe from your blog and stop doing it.

I figured that since I’ve been doing it for a year without a single complaint from any of the feeds I’ve been using that the copyright holders have agreed that linkblogging is OK with them.

Is that no longer the case?

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