Talking with AMD's CEO

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On Monday AMD announced a new chip. Code-named “Barcelona.”

As part of the press tour they did they invited me to have a chat with Hector Ruiz, AMD’s CEO.

Thanks to Rocky Barbanica for running the cameras and doing the editing here. Two-camera shoots sure look nice!

I loved when one of the PR team noted “you guys sure setup fast.” Turns out other video crews need an hour to setup. We were ready to go in a couple of minutes. I love that Rocky is able to run two cameras, keep audio going, and do all the editing. We’re working on stepping up our game and this is a hint of things to come.

Why is getting in and out fast important? Because we only had a few minutes of his time. Getting invites back to talk again with people like Hector hinges on not being a pain-in-the-ass to deal with.

Hector is a guy I could spend a lot of time talking with. I wish I had asked a few questions about his background. But when you have only a few minutes you tend to stay on topic and today that topic is datacenter-oriented 64-bit quadcore chips.

I try to learn something from these interviews and heard a term I hadn’t heard before. Turns out that AMD is planning on putting a lot more on processors in the future than just transistors.

Hope you enjoy.


If you don’t know who Hugh is, you probably haven’t been reading my blog for long.

One thing that sets great blogging apart from other kinds is whether or not the author’s true personality comes through. On this post Hugh’s personality comes through big time.

I treasure my few examples of Hugh’s work.

Thank you Hugh for everything you do, hope we see another 10 years out of you.

7,200 Google Reader lockins

A few people have been asking me to try out Bloglines (which just got a nice update) and NewsGator (which also just got a nice update).

Both of these are very capable news readers. Both of them arguably have some things that are a lot better than Google Reader. So what do I say when people want me to switch my reader away from Google Reader?

I answer “it’s too late.”


I have about 7,200 reasons. All in my link blog. (UPDATE: earlier I said I had 300,000 readsons, but I’ve gone through about 300,000 items to find about 7,200 items).

Oh, and a few more rumored to be on the way.

Anyway, for the past year now I’ve been reading tons of feeds (I’m up to 832 now) and I’ve been putting about 600 posts a month into my link blog.

That is turning into an awesome database for doing research on. Especially now that I have search. Here’s some tips on how to use search for my link blog.

It has almost no noise, just much of the best blogging that’s been done over the past year in the technology field. But, whenever I think about moving feeds to a new reader I start thinking of that database and start thinking about the value it has to me as a way to search back on what caught my eye over the past year.

I’m locked into Google. Big time.

What keeps you locked into your feed reader?

Oh, here’s some other interesting numbers about Google Reader.

Cool new little Facebook feature (and unfriending)

So, four people unfriended me from Facebook today. Given that I have 4,995 friends that’s probably to be expected. But I have 150 waiting to get onto my friends list. But that brings me to the new feature that just appeared.

Facebook now shows me how many friends we have in common BEFORE I add you as a friend.

So, now that I’m in a scarcity situation I have to treat each request the way a normal person would. Who gets in? My “real” friends first. Then people I know. Then people I’ve heard of, or who I want to follow. Then if there’s still any openings left I’ll look at the notes people leave me (only about 5% actually send a note along with the request) and how many friends we have in common (generally more friends in common mean we’re probably in the same social circles).

Anyway, did you know that every Tuesday Facebook adds new features? I wonder what other features were added this week?

UPDATE: I should have known that Rodney Rumford over at noticed this new feature too and did a much better job than me of explaining it.

Oh, and later today we should have up an interview with Randi Zuckerberg, first sister of Facebook (she’s the sister of the CEO and is also director of business development there). One interesting story she told me was that their dad was a dentist who always was looking to try the newest techniques out in his practice. To me that all made sense. Dentists are very social, need to keep track of patients, and the best of them are also geeks who keep up to date on technology. Anyway, more on the interview with Randi when we get that up.

Baby News, Due Date report

We went to the doctor’s yesterday. Milan’s due date is today but it doesn’t look like birth will happen today.

The doctor scheduled us for inducing birth next Tuesday evening. Hmmm, maybe I’ll be able to show up at TechCrunch 40 anyway! When I last saw Mike Arrington he told me he was going to get Milan’s birth scheduled for after the conference. I didn’t believe him, but now I’m really a believer!

Anyway, everything is good, we’re using the time to relax and get ready. We’ll let you know when it happens. If you watch my Twitter account we’ll post a Twitter post first whenever news changes.