An ode to great photographers

Thank you to the photographers who taught me to capture the main event.

If I believed in God, this is why I would

Thank you to the photographers who taught me to look for the details.

Sentry on the sunset

Thank you to the photographers who taught me to look down.

Social graph

Thank you to the photographers who taught me to look for juxtapositions.

Moon and light=moonlight

Thank you to the photographers who taught me to look for love.


Thank you to the photographers who taught me to get down on my belly and get into the mud.

The last photons this grass will see today

Thank you to Flickr for making such a killer community of people who help inspire other photographers. Thank you to Canon for making a tool that is amazing.

Hope you are having a glorious evening, just like this one. All these shots were made tonight with a Canon 5D on my evening walk.

Don’t miss our next photowalking with the National Geographic at Stanford University where you’ll learn some of these lessons yourself. You’re invited! Tom Seligman (Director of the Cantor Art Museum) has confirmed his participation in the photowalk.
Marc Levoy will be there, too. He is a CS/EE professor who has been doing some amazing work in the areas of photography and imaging.

Wonderful rules for Photowalking…

First photowalking picture framed

Thomas Hawk lays it out. This is a great guide not just for photowalking but for joining any new community. That reminds me, I need to hand out some “favorites” for other people’s photos.

Oh, and save October 1st at 4 p.m. on your schedule. Stanford University has put together a hell of a great photowalking. Be there, or be square. More details coming soon.

That photo was taken on our first Photowalking together more than a year ago now. How fast time flies!

Testing Nikon's new Wifi camera

Nikon S51C

If you’re watching my Flickr stream you’ll see images from both my Canon 5D getting uploaded as well as images from a Nikon S51C. This is a cool little camera that has wifi built in. So, I don’t need to hook the camera up to my computer to upload images anymore.

I took this image seconds ago looking out Patrick’s bedroom window. Wonderful image quality and I really like the wifi built in.

The camera is on loan from Fotonation (they made the wifi software that Nikon uses). They are loaning me the camera to participate in the America At Home project that Rick Smolan is putting on. Are you taking pictures at home this weekend? If you are, you should submit them to this project.

I wish my Canon 5D had Wifi built into it.

UPDATE: already in my testing I find one thing frustrating: I can’t upload images straight to Flickr. I have to upload them to Nikon’s site first, then visit my computer and post them from there onto Flickr.

Testing Nikon's new Wifi camera

The pumpkins are back

I can’t believe it’s almost October. In the past week the pumpkins showed up in Half Moon Bay, so I took some shots. We should do a party at the pumpkin patch again. Anyone want to meet up next Saturday?

Piles o' pumpkins

Google is coming, Google is coming!

Mike Arrington says that Google has been showing around a new social networking tool that’s aimed at competing with Facebook.

Why is Google so concerned by Facebook?

Easy, Google is the world’s best intention concentration engine.

Think about it. If you intend to do something, like buy a car, where are you going to go? Google!

And, aren’t you concentrated into a community of other people who also intend to buy a car? Yes!

Name another system that does a better job of concentrating intention the way that Google does. I can’t.

Well, until Facebook came along.

Now Facebook has several ways to track intention. They have a great set of groups that you can join. If you were intending to do something, like buy a car, wouldn’t you want to talk with other people who’ve bought the car you’re looking at? Absolutely.

Did you know that if you click an interest that someone has put in that you can see all the other members on Facebook who also have that interest?

That’s a concentration effect that Google doesn’t have.

Or, do a search for “Saturn Aura.” I find a bunch of groups by Saturn car owners. That’s another way that people are concentrated.

Anyway, all this concentration of people into groups really pisses off Google. Why? Because THAT is what advertisers BUY on Google!

Google was getting used to having the only advertising story where some company like General Motors could buy audiences that were concentrated into little buckets. Now Facebook is coming on strong and, so, Google needed to jump in with an alternative.

Can’t wait to see it.

Dave Winer says I sound like a monkey

Hmmm, I used the words “social graph” in this interview with Randi Zuckerberg, director of business development at Facebook.

Dave Winer, yesterday, said that anyone
who uses that term sounds like a monkey.

She gave her definition of Social Graph at about 14:39. Everyone who is talking about this should listen to this part of the interview.

I disagree with Dave Winer. The Social Graph is NOT my social network.

My Social Network is my friends list.

But the Social Graph shows a LOT more than that.

For instance, did you know you can see everyone who is into skiing on Facebook?

Did you know you can see everyone who is into Daft Punk?

Those people are NOT in my social network. But they are part of the social graph that you can study on Facebook.

Interesting how we have disagreements about language.

So, what would you call what you can see in Facebook? It isn’t just my social network, though. Try again.

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