Google is coming, Google is coming!

Mike Arrington says that Google has been showing around a new social networking tool that’s aimed at competing with Facebook.

Why is Google so concerned by Facebook?

Easy, Google is the world’s best intention concentration engine.

Think about it. If you intend to do something, like buy a car, where are you going to go? Google!

And, aren’t you concentrated into a community of other people who also intend to buy a car? Yes!

Name another system that does a better job of concentrating intention the way that Google does. I can’t.

Well, until Facebook came along.

Now Facebook has several ways to track intention. They have a great set of groups that you can join. If you were intending to do something, like buy a car, wouldn’t you want to talk with other people who’ve bought the car you’re looking at? Absolutely.

Did you know that if you click an interest that someone has put in that you can see all the other members on Facebook who also have that interest?

That’s a concentration effect that Google doesn’t have.

Or, do a search for “Saturn Aura.” I find a bunch of groups by Saturn car owners. That’s another way that people are concentrated.

Anyway, all this concentration of people into groups really pisses off Google. Why? Because THAT is what advertisers BUY on Google!

Google was getting used to having the only advertising story where some company like General Motors could buy audiences that were concentrated into little buckets. Now Facebook is coming on strong and, so, Google needed to jump in with an alternative.

Can’t wait to see it.

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