My rock star: Rocky

Rocky, the rock star

Rocky Barbanica does a lot more than just edit my videos and get them up. On Saturday night I found out he plays a mean guitar too. He was hosting a party for his wife and got up on stage and played with the band.

This wasn’t shot with my mondo-expensive Canon 5D. Instead I used the Nikon S51C pocket camera. Why? Built in wifi so I can upload photos without any cords.

Rocky’s an interesting guy. Was a software developer for a couple of decades before burning out and going to film school. How he ended up on my doorstep is a post worthy of Valleywag so we won’t go into it here. 🙂

Anyway, I really love what he’s doing with my show (he’s driving the Photowalking series further than I ever could and also is building me shorter versions of some of my longer shows, like the one with the doctor today).

Keep on rockin our world Rocky.

UPDATE: There’s another Photowalking tomorrow night near Golden Gate Bridge.