New PodTech "Silicon Valley" studio nearing completion

Dave Winer wanted us to open a studio he could use in San Francisco. That makes a lot of sense because so many conferences come through there. But we noticed a different trend: most of the world’s entrepreneurs actually come south: to Sand Hill Road in Menlo Park.


Cause that’s where the money is.

So many entrepreneurs come through Palo Alto for that reason and also to visit the mainstream press here (Wall Street Journal has a building right next door to PodTech) that we built a studio here instead.

Today I was showing Doug Kaufmann, CEO of ClearTXT around so you can get a look too.

While we’re talking about ClearTXT, they have a really interesting system to let college staff and students message each other. Very useful during disasters or other things like the Virginia Tech Shootings. That video will be up in a couple of weeks.

Oh, and that’s NOT what we wanted to keep off of TechMeme! 🙂

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