Reports of PodTech’s demise are bull####

It’s amazing. A fake blogger, Fake Steve Jobs, reports that PodTech is closing down. This is total, 100% bull####. Not even deserving of a response. I’m not leaving PodTech. When, er if, I am you’ll read it here on my blog.

Interesting that not a single blogger called me this evening. My phone number is on my blog for a reason. 425-205-1921.

Interesting too that OUR COMPETITORS are the ones who are writing this crap. Thanks guys.

Maybe I should start making up 100% bull about them and see what it feels like.

Here, let’s try. Forbes is going out of business and laying off Fake Steve Jobs because he can’t figure out how to make money. I heard it on the Internet somewhere.

And stop making it about me. There are more than 30 people working at PodTech and I only bring in a small percentage of revenues (and my show is highly profitable).

Oh, someone said that I have “long and boring” videos. Here’s my response to that.

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  1. Man history has made an ass and liar out of you! What a joke your comments above have now become! Go FSJ!

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