Daily Archives: November 1, 2007

Write apps once, run them everywhere but Facebook


That’s what just happened.

Google and MySpace just dropped a major bomb on Facebook: they are joining forces to build a new social networking application platform that overnight will be considered the standard.

Chris, CEO of MySpace, about why open approach.

Joe from Flixter denotes why this is SO HUGE: his app will run anywhere that the OpenSocial platform is running. Plaxo. Ning. NewsGator. MySpace. No rewriting of apps.

One thing. Those apps now will run everywhere BUT Facebook.

MySpace joins Google’s open social announcement

TechCrunch and others are reporting that Google and MySpace are joining forces on the open social platform that Google has developed.

Let’s just say this is HUGE and totally validates what I said in my social media starfish talk yesterday.

UPDATE: I’m at Google right now in the press conference and this is confirmed.

I’m sitting in a press conference with TechCrunch, BusinessWeek, Forbes, and many other press.

More in a few minutes.

UPDATE: Chris DeWolfe, CEO of MySpace, says “This will create the new defacto standard.”

Microsoft vs. Mozilla in ECMAScript debate, Part II

Words are heating up between Mozilla’s Brendan Eich (he’s the chief technical officer at Mozilla Corporation, the folks who bring us Firefox) and Microsoft’s Chris Wilson in the debate over the proposed ECMAScript 4th Edition. We haven’t heard the last of this and it’s interesting to see this play out in the public square. I’m scheduled to do some interviews already with Mozilla. Would love to have more to cover this issue more completely. I first reported on this friction on my blog last night and some of the comments there have been interesting.

UPDATE: I should have given credit to Ric of OpenAjax for starting this off and helping me see the conflict brewing here.