JumpBox, another example of virtualization goodness

Yesterday Sean Tierney, COO of JumpBox, came to the house to show me his service, which promises “server software made simple.”

Now if you’re an astute viewer of my videos you’ll notice that when I interview companies talking about server software that my attention isn’t quite as focused as, say, if I were interviewing someone talking about a new cell phone.

But I found my jaw dropping when I saw what JumpBox does. It lets me setup a complete virtualized server system with Linux, a database, and various other things like WordPress within minutes. Doing that all without a system like JumpBox? Would take hours. And that’s IF I knew what I was doing!

Anyway, thanks Sean. Great stuff for geeks who need to try out lots of server iterations and move those things around. That video will be up in a couple of weeks. Will let you know when it’s up.