Buying TechCrunch on the Kindle

Here’s my first use of the Amazon Kindle. I buy TechCrunch. All at the beach, er Half Moon Bay Ritz.

Then I find out there’s a browser which actually is better than buying blogs. Ahh, too bad Mike, you won’t get my $.60! 🙂

I bought the New York Times, too.

What was great was there’s no setup at all. It comes pre set up. Very cool. Jeff Bezos even said “welcome Robert.” Heheh.

I have another video coming soon where I walked around the neighborhood with it.

Oh, and Mike, thanks for giving us bloggers all a vacation! Just what we need to play more with our Kindle’s!

What’s really fun is that if you buy TechCrunch you don’t get the comments, but if you get the free version you get comments!

UPDATE: here’s my walk around the neighborhood while using the Kindle for the first time too. In my walk video you see what the screen is like in sunlight and shaded light.

Oh, and James Kendrick gives you his video first impressions too.