Oh, no…

Marc Orchant

Just learned that Marc Orchant, a friend of mine, had a massive heart attack and is fighting for his life. How significant is he to the blogosphere? Well, he has TONS of friends, which explains why I learned this news on TechMeme.

Yet another reminder that every day is precious and could be our last.

I agree with Jeremy Wright that Marc is one of the best human beings I’ve met on this journey and I’m hoping Marc pulls through. My thoughts with his wife Sue during this tough time. She has another lesson for all of us: learn CPR. Her knowledge of it almost certainly gave Marc a chance (it took about 10 minutes for the ambulance to arrive).

All of a sudden my week has different meaning.

Marc and Sue Orchant at breakfast

Webifying the living room

Weird, Fred Wilson and Stowe Boyd just bought MacMinis for their living room TVs. I just did too. I don’t know how I got along without it. My friends (and son) loves having it on screen. Dave Winer has built me something cool for photos, too.

This setup is SOOO much better than the Apple TV (and is even much better for my uses than the Xbox’s Media Extender that brings the upstairs computer onto our screen).

Lots of fun ahead, but not this week since we have to prepare for our Europe trip (we leave for London on Wednesday). Argh, too much to do and not enough time to do it in!

I love hanging out with authors

Four authors at one small party. Just got back from it. Mighty weird. Of course the cell phone came out.

The highlight was meeting Christine Comaford-Lynch who wrote “Rules for Renegades.” She’s in the video I shot on my cell phone. Drat that it ran out of memory cause I didn’t delete the videos from BugLabs yet. I also give Tim Ferriss heck for “working six hours a week.” (His book is titled the Four Hour Workweek).

She worked at Microsoft back in the 1980s. They wouldn’t hire her because she’s “a chick who didn’t graduate from high school.” But she could code and she could run companies (she’s run five now so far).

The party was hosted by Teresa Rodriguez Williamson, founder of Tango Diva and author of “Fly Solo” which is a book for women who want to travel the world. She also is the founder of Tango Diva and lives about a block away from us. She always has the most amazing people over her house — and I’m not talking about me.

Hope your weekend was as interesting and as fun as ours was.

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Apple ends $100 iPhone rebate?

Maryam went into the Stanford Apple Store tonight and wanted to get her $100 rebate. She was told that the rebate had ended three days ago and that she wouldn’t be able to get her $100. Drat. This happen to anyone else? I’m sure it has and that Apple is banking on it.