Bloggers: hot new commenting system from Disqus

Dave Winer uses it. Fred Wilson uses it. Russell Beattie uses it. Steven Hodson uses it.

What is it? Disqus.

I have an interview/demo with Disqus’ CEO that explains why lots of top bloggers are switching their comment system to Disqus.

I really wish I could use Disqus on my blog, but it doesn’t work with Matt Mullenweg and Toni Schneider, any way we can get this added?

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67 thoughts on “Bloggers: hot new commenting system from Disqus

  1. It worked fine, and I like the functionality it offers, but I don't want my site's comments living somewhere else. I may sound like some ol' school curmudgeon, but my site's comments belong in my database. If they could make that happen, I'd sign up in a second.

  2. What's cool about Disqus is that it makes it painlessly easy to comment, and does a good job at blocking automated spam.

  3. RSS feed that I saved of the comments into my database, but have so far been unsuccessful. If anyone knows of a way to do this, I would love to get that information.Yes, I have the two widgets installed on my blog for showing the Disqus comments, but the mere fact that they aren't WITH the post they were set for is disturbing to me.Maybe I'm too hrsaccount much of a control freak. It's the DBA in me — I want my data where I can access it and control it.As for video commenting, well, I'm on the fence on that one

  4. Disqus is Great! Currently there are some “comment plugins” which can let a page have function of comment.The best one I know is Disqus With greater control and commenter profiles. this plugins is really cool, I love it. Thanks for Sharing..

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