Enterprise Software Foodfight

Whew, sure kicked off a good foodfight today.

Michael Krigsman says I don’t understand enterprise software.

Nick Carr says Michael Krigsman (the guy above) doesn’t understand enterprise software.

Will the guy who understands enterprise software please stand up and collect your 15 page views? Thank you very much.


Speaking of which, Ross Mayfield wins the award for sexiest headline of the group for “Enterprise Social Software doesn’t get you laid, it gets you promoted.”

Dennis Howlett tells me to check out Majority Desk. That +is+ pretty sexy.

Vinnie Mirchandani notes “I take the afternoon off to watch some football, and I see what in the NFL they call “swarm defense”. Fellow Irregulars – Michael Krigsman, Dan Farber, Dennis Howlett, Anshu Sharma, Sadagopan, Craig Cmehil – have all jumped in defending enterprise technologies. Just shows you us boring enterprise types have little to do even on Sundays -)”

Anshu Sharma gives us five things that turn CIO’s on. Heh, CIO porn! Who knew?

Tomorrow at about 6 a.m. Pacific Time, Microsoft will have some more to add to the Enterprise Foodfight. I’ll have a video up on Scoble Show.