New Google Reader "friends" feature sucks…

Beware of adding tons of friends in the new Google Reader/Google Talk combo.

I’ve added dozens of friends tonight (thanks everyone, keep them coming) and the problem?

Google Reader now is bringing me TONS of duplicates from people. This clutters my all items feed and keeps me from finding new, original items.

So, I’m hiding everyone until further notice so that their feeds don’t clutter my news reader up.

I’ll let you know when they fix this “feature” but it needs to go back to the drawing board.

The idiots laughing beside you

I was having a lot of trouble getting what Steve Gillmor meant by “gestures,” which he says are what comes after “attention.”

That was until he got to this line: “Why do we like comedies at the movie house–to enjoy the laughter of the idiots next to us.”

What the heck is he talking about?

Yet another form of metadata about things that we can use to build new systems like a future TechMeme.

Gillmor is the guy behind NewsGang and gestures are how things get onto its “Active” page.

I still don’t quite understand Gillmor. Do you?

I'm selling my Kindle…

I’m selling my Kindle. Especially now that I’ve seen how outrageously priced these things are getting on eBay. But mostly for some other reason.


I want to make sure that Anita Rowland’s grandson has as nice a Christmas as he can have given that Anita died this past week. So, if you buy my Kindle all the money from its sale will go to little Riley (minimum price: $450, includes three books which I’ll throw in for free).

Any takers?

Oh, and Chris Pirillo points out that his picture included not just Anita Rowland, but also Marc Orchant, another one of my friends who died in the past week.

Both of these things hit me hard today because this is the first day I’ve really had time to decompress after hearing these awful news.

Coming in 2008: iPhone battery rot?

Just picked up Patrick and turns out his iPhone is only lasting a few hours now in standby mode without doing anything on it!

So, it’s going into the shop tomorrow. Damn, we sure have a lot of problems with Apple stuff. On the other hand, Dave Winer’s Mac just died and he thinks that only means one thing: a new Mac is coming soon. Well we already KNOW a new iPhone is coming soon, so maybe Dave has a point? Me? Now I know why I keep my Nokia around.

Anyone else having problems with iPhone battery life?

A river of great tech news: NewsGang

It’s different than Digg or TechMeme or my link blog so can’t say it’ll kill either of those, but I already am addicted to NewsGang and getting moreso with each passing hour.

What is it? A continuous river of interesting tech news.

How does it do its work? Let’s see who can do the best job of reverse engineering this. Hint: it’s not an algorithm, it’s a participatory community of people who are good at picking the best of tech news — very hard to game and since you don’t know who has influence on this gesture-counting engine it’ll probably stay that way. Wouldn’t Andrew Keen be keen of that?

By the way, it ROCKS on the iPhone.

Oh, and I notice that things go from blogs, to Google Reader, to NewsGang now in minutes. Freaking amazing how fast this world is starting to move.

How did I learn about this? Click the links over on Steve Gillmor’s latest blog. Heh! So much for “links are dead.” Turns out they are a good way to launch NewsGang. I’ll translate Steve’s blog later so that everyone can understand his point. Heh. 🙂

Google Reader just added a social network…

Oh, my, the choice I made to start a link blog using Google Reader’s technology is just looking better and better all the time.

Today they started a social network. Please do join up! My Google Name:

Add me as a friend, particularly if you are also sharing items in Google Reader. Make sure you edit your Google Reader settings, first, though. Hint: if you look there you’ll see more possibilities for new features coming soon!

Here’s the official blog post on the Reader/Talk features.