The technology inside 80 million cameras

Have you built technology that sits inside 80 million cameras? Fotonation has. Two out of every three cameras sold today has its software included inside. It’s a brand name you’ve probably never heard about before today, but they build software that improves your images. I get a pretty cool inside scoop with the technologists behind the software that does things like remove red eye, improves autofocusing through face detection, and a lot more.

My producer, Rocky, put up two videos:

1. A 45-minute full interview and demo.
2. An eight-minute “highlights” version of that interview and demo for those of you who don’t have the time to watch the whole thing (which I’ve embedded here too).

Cool stuff and includes a discussion of digital camera trends and a look at technology that’ll come out next year at the big PMA show in Las Vegas. Plus you get to see how they tested their red eye reduction software.

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Jeff Clavier's best investment of the year

On the way home from Paris Jeff Clavier was on our plane. Don’t know who he is? Well, he’s made some killer investments this year as an early stage venture capitalist. The best? He told me Social An application network for advertisers on social media sites like Facebook. He told me how much it’s bringing in per day, but I’m not sure he wanted that number public. Let’s just say that in a week it brings in a lot more than I make in a year.