Daily Archives: December 15, 2007

A check into the campaign…

I still remember Dan Balz’ words to me as I flew on John Edwards’ plane sitting next to him last December. He’s a long-time journalist who covers politics for the Washington Post. I asked him if he had a theory of who would win the campaign. He warned me off of such delusions, and told me that campaigns always surprise him. I’ve watched recently as Hillary Clinton has struggled in the polls and politico Dick Morris and Eileen McGann have some interesting conversation about why. That got me to think about Dan and wonder what he’d be telling me if I sat next to him now.

We’re about to go into the really interesting months: a bunch of primaries come up in January and February. Watching Memeorandum (TechMeme’s sister site that focuses on politics and regular news) is going to get much more interesing than it is today.

I thought Hillary had it all but locked up, but now I’m not so sure. What do you think?

In other political news, did you know that Iranian President has a blog? That’s funny cause he censors blogs of his own citizens.