Join us at Doug Engelbart's house

The guy who did “the demo.” Who invented the mouse. And a whole lot more.

We’ll be streaming video from his house at about 4 p.m. today. Join us.

UPDATE: we had a TON of problems getting live video done at his house. Turns out he’s in a cell phone dead zone. Neither Sprint nor AT&T works inside his house. Amazing that in Silicon Valley’s richest neighborhood there’s still such dead zones. Anyway, his DSL line wasn’t working either. Funny, cause he was around at the invention of the Internet and it still doesn’t work for him.

The problems continued when we got home. We can’t figure out how to record the video we’re playing in Mogulus. We’ll figure that out tomorrow, or we’ll just put it up on YouTube or something. Luckily the Mogulus team will be on the bus with us on Saturday so we’ll get help from them with our technical issues.

The interview was amazing, as usual. I could talk with Engelbart for hours. He is simply the most amazing inventor/visionary I’ve interviewed in my journey.