I just realized that I am jobless today! (Yesterday was my last day at PodTech, tomorrow is my first day at my new job, I’ll have a post at midnight Pacific Time tonight about that).

Speaking of PodTech, Rocky and me kicked butt right until the end. We have a ton of videos going up on ScobleShow this week (my last video, which includes a really fun interview with my first girlfriend runs on Friday).

The first of the Retrevo Gangs, which features Fred Davis, one of the founders of Wired Magazine, among other things, are now up too. Fred’s one of my favorite people in the world — has such a great outlook on life and always inspires me.

Speaking of inspiring me. Yesterday was my son Patrick’s 14th birthday. Damn, I can’t believe he’s almost in high school. Two more years and he’ll be driving. Help us all! We’ll do some Qik videos from MacWorld today together and tonight we’ll be on Apple Universe Live together.

I love jobless days hanging with my favorite Apple fan (that’d be Patrick).

See ya later.

Mac Rumors Live rocks as place to watch Steve Jobs keynotes

For watching a live keynote, my son and I agree, Mac Rumors Live was — by far — the best place to watch the keynote. You didn’t need to refresh the page. Everything just came to you live.

Of course we had several computers all updating to various sites just to make sure we didn’t miss anything, but MacRumorsLive had it all and faster than other sites.

Now I know why Patrick spends so much time on the Mac Rumors forums.

Air is in my future

Did someone say “world’s thinnest laptop?” I’m ordering one.

Damn you Steve Jobs. I wonder if I can get it by the weekend? If I can, I’ll take it to Davos.

Lots of details are coming. Steve Jobs just pulled one out of a manila envelope on stage.

The pictures are unreal. Go to to see the photos.

UPDATE: Drat, ships in two weeks. $1,799, but this will be the computer to run my new venture.

The Steve Jobs effect — must be in the "Air"

Coveritlive is coveritdead, according to Zoli.
Engadget is up, but slow.
Qik’s Macworld channel (I’ll be on there later today)? Has been up and down for the past 45 minutes and I haven’t even seen any live video.
Mogulus? Slow, if you can get to it. And they don’t have any live video that I can see yet either.
Other sites? Some up, some down.
Twitter? Can’t get to it.
TechCrunch is up.
TUAW is fairly unreachable.
MacRumorsLive is up and has a really cool updating feature.
Ars Technica is up and looks good.

Ahh, it must be keynote time!

My son is watching about 10 sites, though, and telling me what’s being announced.

So far iTunes just put a bullet in Blu-Ray’s CES win. Why would I buy a Blu-Ray player when I can rent everything on iTunes? (THey just announced HD content too). Hmmm?

Blu-Ray and HD-DVD are dead. Thank you Steve Jobs!

UPDATE: Dave Winer says there’s a lot of questions about the iTunes video store.

I’ll put the best (including a superb post on Kenya that Guy Kawasaki just put up) on my link blog and says that Netflix is ahead.

UPDATE: Apple’s own store is down, probably being upgraded with info about “Air,” new “thinnest on market” laptop.