Make your MacMini sound much better

My best birthday present? Dave Winer gave me a little tiny adapter for my MacMini. What does it do? It plugs into the audio-out port of the Mini and converts that port into an optical out one. So, now my optical cable plugs into that adapter instead of my headphone jack. My receiver has optical ports. If you have a recent receiver your receiver probably has optical ports too.

Man, what a difference that makes. My Mac Mini sounds a LOT better now. Dave Winer said it was the best thing he did to his Mac Mini too.

I wonder how many people have Mac Minis and don’t even know that it has optical out capabilities, but you gotta get that little adopter first.

Thanks Dave for making my system sound a lot better!

Why does this work? My theory? The digital-to-analog converters in the MacMini suck when compared to the ones in my Denon receiver.