Namedropping at Davos

Hey, I am a sucker for a good name drop. But I take you further than just writing a blog post saying something like “I met Vinod Khosla.”

I turned on my cell phone and let you interview him and others.

The BBC caught me doing this and wrote me up

Here are the videos I did today.

1. Eric Hippeau, managing partner of SoftBank Capital. Talked with me about investments he has made. Lots of content plays like Huffington Post.
2. William Amelio, CEO of Lenovo USA. Showed me Lenovo’s latest laptops and MID device.
3. Vinod Khosla. One of Silicon Valley’s most famous venture capitalists. Talked with me about cement. Oh, and a few other things he is passionate about (green investing).
4. Daniel Shapiro, talked with me about conflict resolution. He is a professor at the Havard Law School and works with governments around the world to try to decrease violence and increase democracy.
5. John Gage, chief researcher at Sun Microsystems. Talked with me about helping people in Africa.
6. Marc Benioff, CEO of, talked with me about trends he is seeing. Loic Le Meur popped in for the conversation and later Tim Weber of the BBC joined in, where he was amazed at the interactivity and questions he got from around the world.
7. Susan Sawyer, writer for the Huffington Post drops in for a chat.
8. John Markoff, senior tech writer for the New York Times and David Kirkpatrick, senior tech writer for Forbes, talk with me about the impact of economic turmoil on tech.
9. Danah Boyd, who is writing a dissertation on her social software research, talks with me about social networking trends she is seeing among teens.
10. Adrian Morick talks with me about the Davos Question, which is the YouTube project that the World Economic Forum is working on to get people around the world to answer how they would change the world.
11. Matthias Leufkins, head of PR for the World Economic Forum, talks with me about what he is seeing on the first day.
12. Mike Arrington, founder of TechCrunch, starts the morning out with a fun chat.
13. Tariq Kim, CEO of Netvibes, gives me a sneak peak at the new version of Netvibes, which looks very compelling.
14. Phillip Rosedale, CEO of Linden Labs, says hi along with Nic from Reuters.

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