No more goofing off

Astute watchers of Scoble’s temple of ego (cute site, by the way, that one of my readers built — it shows everything I do including Twitter, Flickr, Google Reader, and other sites) know that I’ve been goofing off. I haven’t been reading feeds much since early January. Been traveling and hanging out in Switzerland eating too much cheese.

But now we are coming back and the real work begins. On Wednesday Rocky and me are going to Seattle to visit some companies up there for our opening on March 3. Next week? Beverly Hills to visit MySpace. And, yeah, I’ll start reading feeds again, among other things. Anyway, today we’re traveling back to the states and will be back online late Monday, Pacific Time.

Got any questions to ask MySpace next week?

Large Hadron Collider tour photos up

There is an awesome article in Scientific American this month that explains the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, the biggest and most complicated particle physics experiment ever seen.

This is an amazing machine and will probably lead to revolutionary understandings of how everything works. What are they looking for? The Higgs Particle, (believed to be responsible for imbuing other particles with mass).

This is a must read article for those who care about science and our understandings of the world.

I just uploaded a bunch of photos I took on our CERN tour on Saturday morning and will have the video of the tour up on March 3 as part of our launch package on

After this summer it will be impossible to tour the collision chamber while the machine is running because when the experiment is running it will be quite dangerous to be down there.

Thank you so much to Ben Segal (computer geek) and Frank Taylor (physicist) for giving us the tour. If you don’t know Ben, you should. He was Tim Berners-Lee’s mentor at CERN. Has worked in the computing center there since the 1970s and was responsible for bringing TCP/IP and Unix to CERN. Both of which were pre-existing conditions for Tim’s invention of the Web.

I loved the sticker on the computer that Tim used to invent the World Wide Web. It says, in Tim’s own handwriting, “This is a server. Do not power it down!” Yeah, that was the first Web server. It was like going to church for me.

UPDATE: If you visit the “CERN” tag over on Flickr you’ll find tons of other photos, including some other people who were on the same tour.

Ben Segal, Tim Berners-Lee's mentor

Tag on Tim Berners-Lee's original NeXT machine -- first Web server

Looking down at collision chamber

The halls of CERN where the Web was invented

Physicist Frank Taylor of MIT shows us around the detector at CERN

CERN's control room

The small wheel (sensor array) arrives at CERN

1935 blogging in Swiss chalet

Laurent Haug, the guy who started the LIFT conference in Geneva, invited me up to his friend’s chalet, near Villars, where he proceeded to show my camera some early 1900’s blogging that was written on the ceiling of the chalet.

What was really fun was having raclette cheese dinner with famous author Bruce Sterling. Of course I intruded on the dinner with my cell phone camera. It’s a 40 minute video, where Laurent and Pierre explain raclette. What’s really interesting is that we had people all over the world who were watching us live. At about 9:30 we sit down with Bruce Sterling, famous science fiction author.

It doesn’t get interesting until about 13 minutes when Bruce tells us the difference between a blogger and a novelist.

At 20 minutes in we discover that Yahoo has rejected Microsoft’s bid so you hear our initial opinions.

Maryam on Yahoo's rejection of Microsoft

I just got back from my day in the Swiss Alps hanging out with Laurent Haug and friends and Maryam just asked me if I had heard that Yahoo rejected Microsoft’s offer. I answered that I did and then she asked me:

“Are they crazy?”

I said “probably, and arrogant too.” Then she wondered why they would do such a thing. I told her that I agreed with Philip Greenspun, who says that to reject this deal is lunacy. Since I know Yahoo’s board members aren’t lunatics, I figure there must be some other answer. I told Maryam “they are probably trying to see if the offer will go up.”

This is the first time since Pointcast rejected a buyout deal (that turned out would have been the right thing to do) that I don’t see a good outcome for Yahoo if they really do end up rejecting this offer.

I see lots of bloggers over on Techmeme are disagreeing with me, though. Hmmm, maybe I’m the lunatic!