Daily Archives: February 27, 2008

The latest from Salesforce.com’s CEO at Adobe Engage event

Mark Benioff, Salesforce.com, CEO, gave a talk yesterday at the Adobe Engage event. In Part III he completes getting interviewed by Kevin. In part II he gets interviewed by Kevin Lynch, Adobe’s CTO. Fun that he pointed me out as an example of an innovator. That happens at the beginning of the first video, when he says “does everyone know what Robert is doing?” He then points out the technology I’m using. “He’s a pioneer.” Wow, that’s an honor.

Yahoo Live demonstrated at Adobe Engage event

This is the first time I’ve seen Yahoo’s Live video streaming service demonstrated. Here’s a separate video of the first part of the presentation, which demonstrates a mini bar. They showed it off at the Adobe Engage event yesterday. Very cool, I ask why they haven’t done a cell phone streaming service, like Qik.com, and they say they want to be a platform. They also say that Flickr video is still being worked on by the Flickr team and will come separate from this effort. Nice API that’s used in a neat mapping mashup.