Bad news hits tech industry

First, this week I learned that Tom LeVine, CEO of the wonderful Pop!Tech conferences for many years, has brain cancer. Tom is someone I’ve met many times and was always inspired by. He welcomed me in his home and I counted him as a friend in the industry. I don’t know the extent of the cancer, but anything that goes on in your brain like that is damn serious. If I were a praying kind of guy, this is one opportunity I’d do just that. My mother-in-law had a brain tumor, which greatly affected her for about a month or two (in really weird ways, too, she couldn’t recognize anything to the right of her) but she’s made a full recovery. This gives me hope and I’m really hoping that the news turns out well for Tom. But the news I’m getting isn’t that good. UPDATE: Tom’s blog has been getting updates about his condition.

But, tonight, news started spreading that Russell Shaw was dead. Oh, my, this one hit me hard. I’ve known Russell for a few years. He always had a kind word for me, was one of the hardest working bloggers around (had blogs on all sorts of different things, from politics over on Huffington Post, to VoIP on ZDNet, among others). Was a fountain of information on all sorts of topics and I really enjoyed hanging out with him. I agree with Dan Farber, I’ll miss him.

It’s a somber mood here, and yet another lesson that we aren’t here very long in the overall scheme of things, so might as well try to do as well as we can while we are.

I’ll remember both of these guys, and, along with Marc Orchant, who died last year, make me wonder if nice guys do, indeed, die first…