Google about to drop the other Enterprise shoe on Microsoft?

I’m hearing about a few things that Google is planning to do to newly compete with Microsoft’s enterprise offerings.

Several people have told me about an offline version of Gmail, coming soon.
Other people say that Google, or a company working with Google, is going to come out with a new server that will let corporations replace their Exchange servers with ones made by Google. Both groups told me under condition that I not reveal who they are.

Now, it might be that my sources are pulling my legs, but I don’t think so. The news is coming from too many different places. I’m reporting this to explain that Google seems like it’s about to apply more pressure in the enterprise space and see if anything else is happening that I don’t know about. The audience here is far smarter and far more connected than I am.

From what I hear we won’t have to wait for Google’s next developer conference to see some of these things come out, although that’s not too far off either.

But what are you hearing?

56 thoughts on “Google about to drop the other Enterprise shoe on Microsoft?

  1. The more things change the more they stay the same. Why would a desktop version of google apps be any better than having Microsoft Office on the desktop? The obvious answer to that is the portability to web-based google apps. OK, but now how many of my clients would buy off on me keeping their data on Google’s servers? Not many.

    What I really want is the most developed office suite, Microsoft Office, and an internal version of Live Office that I can run from within my network to service my mobile users. That’s the killer set of apps.

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