Getting to know the FriendFeed team

The one business that has most gotten my attention, other than, so far this year is FriendFeed. They are growing very quickly, 25% every few days.

Today I was fortunate to meet up with co-founder Bret Taylor and Paul Buchheit. If you don’t read these two guys’ blogs (here’s Paul’s and here’s Bret’s), you really should, they have written a ton of stuff that entrepreneurs should read.

It’s long, 46 minutes or so, but today I visited FriendFeed’s offices and met up with their team, which includes some of the original authors of Google Maps and Google Gmail, who left Google to start FriendFeed. We cover a LOT of ground.

We learned a lot (there were people asking questions on my cell phone thanks to Qik) and we learned that they are attempting to build a new, scalable, culture.

At 2:57 we cover what FriendFeed is, that’s really where the interview starts getting interesting.

What do you think? Does your opinion of FriendFeed change after getting a chance to spend some time with Bret and Paul?

The first video ends abruptly when the 3G disappeared, we restarted the phone and finished off the interview here.