Is getting "more traffic" your real goal?

Who is winning the race to get more traffic?

This 14-year-old kid, Fred. He’s gotten MILLIONS of views! 45 million at last count.

This is what happens when you try to simply be entertaining.

If traffic is your goal, here’s the formula. Do something really stupid that’ll make people laugh.

Me? I’ll stick with having a few thousand people passionate about learning more from innovative technologists and other leaders.

Why not get into the traffic race? Because I’d rather be in the race for a smart, focused audience. That’s where the real action is.

It also says volumes about why YouTube is losing millions of dollars every month. They can’t monetize this kid, and THAT should tell you how much real value there is in having a big audience.

Back to business: anytime I get a company who asks me about my traffic I’ll show them this blog post first and ask the question about why they haven’t sponsored this kid’s show already, since he has already won the traffic game.

Which US Presidential Candidate has the best tech policy?

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, which US Presidential Candidate has the best tech policy?

I went off to Google to answer that question. Here’s the searches I did:

McCain tech policy

Obama tech policy

Well, assuming that they both have a tech policy (I don’t know that for sure yet, but they both should in today’s world) there’s one candidate that has much better SEO than the other.

I’ll let you click the links and figure out which one it is.

But, I’m wondering, who do you think has the best tech policy of these two guys?

UPDATE: There’s already six comments on FriendFeed about this (zero here) in the first few minutes after I posted this.

Why I'm buying a Tesla sedan

In about two years I’ll be ready for a new car. But here’s why I’m putting down some cash to get a new Tesla Sedan, which was just announced and will be ready in about two years. TechCrunch has the video.

  1. Gas prices are probably going up from here, not down.
  2. I want to be the first to have the sedan in my neighborhood.
  3. When I took a ride in the first Tesla I learned that it can go more than 200 miles on just $3 worth of electricity.
  4. Tim Ryan, Congressman, approves.
  5. My vote, with my dollars, will help push other car companies into doing the same thing.
  6. In just a year I put 20,000 on my Saturn Aura, and in two years we’ve put 40,000 miles on our BMW. Turning those miles into electric miles will make a big dent in our gas budgets.
  7. It’ll be built in California and I like keeping my money in the state.


  1. We’ll still need two cars, or rent cars, for when we need to go more than 200 miles in a day (recharging takes hours, not a few minutes like with gas). But that’s OK, we’ll still need two cars anyway, one for me and one for Maryam (in Half Moon Bay there are no public transportation options).
  2. It’s expensive. More expensive than our BMW, which is a very expensive car for us.
  3. It’s unproven technology and car. I remember when my dad bought a General Motors’ diesel in the late 1970s and that was a disaster of a car and soured our family on GM cars for more than 15 years.

Anyway, there’s a ton of news coming out of the press conference this morning. Here’s Engadget’s writeup. I’ll link to the best of it. In the meantime, if you didn’t watch the videos when we got a ride in the first production Tesla with Elon Musk, chairman of the board of Tesla, you should check these out.

BestBuy gets more productive on WorkFastTV

Every week we film a live WorkFastTV show at the Revision 3 studios in San Francisco as part of our FastCompanyTV family of shows. It’s where we cover how work is changing thanks to the Internet. Last week we had BestBuy, one of the world’s largest retailers, on the show to tell us how they are using collaborative software to make themselves more productive and better train their employees. That video is now up, some really interesting things they are doing with their 140,000 employees.

This week? We’ll film Thursday 10 a.m. Pacific Time because of the Fourth of July holiday here in the United States. Guest? New York Times Bestselling author Tim Ferriss (he wrote the 4-Hour Workweek). That should be lots of fun as we find out what he’s been doing to avoid working too much.

Who should we have on future shows? Coming up soon is David Allen, too.

Now that we’ve done a month’s worth of WorkFast, what do you like or hate about the show? How could we add more value to it for you?