I love the Web

I’m tired of being depressed about the economy and the news.

I was reading my feeds and realized I love the Web. I learn so much, have so many cool apps (thanks Google for Google Earth on my iPhone). Am challenged so often (nine days of politics left). Meet so many cool people (last week 25 of them showed up at a Tweetup in Austin that we organized in just a few hours). Get access to so many cool things and experiences (I’m trying to plan our China trip out and am already overwhelmed with people wanting to take Rocky and me on tours and dinners and such).

This week I’m going to try to do something good every day for someone else. Hey, tomorrow Ford is lending me a car. Anyone want a ride somewhere? How about we work an afternoon in the food bank?

What in technology is making you happy? We need more happiness. Talking to executives about the economy is making me grumpy and I’ve learned that the only way out of this funk is to give of myself to causes bigger than myself.

Anyway, thank you to everyone who brings me an interesting item in Google Reader or Twitter or FriendFeed or Techmeme or here. Hopefully someday I’ll get to thank you personally for making my life more interesting and me more informed, more entertained, more connected.

53 thoughts on “I love the Web

  1. More Elon Musk interviews…he’s a cause not even as “big” as himself. ;)

    The “whatever happened to” version of Scobleizer, would be a hoot, big hype then, fail now. Seagate Scobleizer Results: $27.56 to $6.36

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