20 ways to being a bigger friendfeed monster than Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki is on friendfeed but you can be a lot better at it than he is.

Just watch this video
where I show you the 20 key features of friendfeed and how to use them to be an aggregating social media monster!

Oh, and how do I know you can beat Guy? Because he has no likes and only has made four comments on friendfeed total. I know Guy and he will start using friendfeed by mid-year 2009 because he’ll start seeing the power then (he got on Twitter late, too, which he admitted to me in an interview we did with him). You have a chance to get into it before Guy learns all the tricks and becomes an unmatchable friendfeeding monster.

Sorry it’s a little blurry, I was using my flipcam. Maybe we’ll do this with our good cameras later in the week.

Here’s the list of 20 things we cover:

1. Why friendfeed?
2. Get inbound content with the aggregator.
3. Get inbound content via friends.
4. How friend-of-a-friend feature brings more inbound content.
5. Using the everyone tab to get more inbound content.
6. Using rooms to find inbound content.
7. Using “best of” feature to find more inbound content.
8. Using the “me” and “home” pages.
9. Using lists to do friend management.
10. Creating media in friendfeed.
11. Sharing media found on the web.
12. Creating media with email.
13. Deciding between Twitter and friendfeed.
14. Your outbound content, likes.
15. Your outbound content, comments.
16. Your outbound content, send to Twitter.
17. Your outbound content, your stuff.
18. Your outbound content, using rooms.
19. Using search.
20 Using real-time features.

Of course we’re talking about this video over on friendfeed. In two places, actually.