Tips for Real Time Web working on new friendfeed

Here’s some tips I’ve learned after using the new friendfeed for a while:

1. Turn it off. There’s no way to be productive doing something else while the stream is moving and distracting you. Two ways to turn it off: 1. close the browser. That’s brute force method. 2. Push the “pause button” at the top of the feed. That will keep it from moving. You can then refresh the page to see more items, or push play when you want to start seeing new items again.

2. You can “stun” the feed by mousing over it. That will slow it down for a few seconds.

3. Make sure you put a picture in and fill in something about yourself. Click on “settings” at the top right of the page.

4. If you’ve followed more than about 400 people, your feed will probably move too fast (mine is moving too fast) so you’ll want to create more lists and move people you’re following into separate lists (they act like folders). This way you can have “noisy jerks” in a separate folder from “family members” and they can be separate from “people I work with.”

5. Buy more screen realestate. Not just for friendfeed either. I just picked up a new screen just to run friendfeed and it makes it a LOT easier to track a bunch of different lists and rooms and filters.

6. Learn to make a filter. You do that by first searching for something. Try searching for, say, “Earthquake Italy” since there was a pretty big earthquake in Italy yesterday. Now, click “make a filter.” Add some conditions. I only want to see items that have at least one like. That’s the good stuff, according to Bret Taylor, co-founder of friendfeed. Here, now see the filtered result. Note that it’s similar to what you can do over on but that instead of only Tweets the enw friendfeed includes all sorts of interesting data types. The filtering will change over the next few weeks. There’s a lot of power under the hood that’s hard to get to. For instance, you can set it to only show you YouTube videos or only show you Tweets, but getting to that is pretty difficult right now.

7. Learn that everything is a feed and you can subscribe to it. Here you can see Louis Gray’s likes and you can follow just those, without following his comments or his other items.

8. Learn about how to hide and other things. If you are new to friendfeed I did a video about 20 things you need to know on friendfeed here.