Real Time News to take step forward today

In a little while, at about 4 p.m., I will be at a small company in Silicon Valley to introduce another key piece of the Real-Time Web to you. This time it’s about news.

You’ve seen the news from Google announced today, but their news display is, while cool, unsatisfying because it isn’t showing news in real time.

This is a real hole that Google and Yahoo have left in the marketplace. They didn’t get a clue about how Twitter is changing how lots of us get our news. I now start the day by looking at trending topics on Twitter Search to know what big news events have happened overnight.

But Twitter doesn’t catch everything. I didn’t see Oracle buying Sun Microsystems there first. In fact, even Techmeme was very slow this morning to catch onto that tech industry news.

How did I catch it? I have an entire screen dedicated to the new service that will announce today.

I’ll broadcast it live in video. Watch my friendfeed for links. See you at about 4 p.m. Pacific Time. Of course it will be live so you can ask questions of the CEO and team, too. I’ve been using this tool since December and I’m convinced it will force Google and Yahoo to change their news pages.