Playing around with Posterous; post on "social media wars"

I’ve been playing around with Posterous, which is a hot new blogging service. Matt Mullenweg better watch out for this one. It’s nicer to use than Way nicer. Especially if you are a 2010 web guy like me who carries an iPhone everywhere (that’s why I’ve been more into Twitter and FriendFeed over the past year and less into doing my blog).

Anyway, I just wrote a long post about the upcoming social wars over there that you might like. I explain why Yelp has figured out how to monetize all these things but why Facebook, in my opinion, will win the overall war.

Subscribe to my Posterous, because I’m about to upload a ton of videos from interesting startups and people I’ve met in Boulder and Seattle.


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  2. I get Posterous. I use Posterous. I think it's a brilliant service run by innovative developers who, unlike so many techies, just get it.

    I like the simplicity, I like the 'less is more' ethos and I like the user friendliness of the whole experience. I honestly believe Posterous will continue to thrive.

    I think the beauty of Posterous is that it enables Uncle Harry to have a blog – even though Uncle Harry doesn't know what a blog is and doesn't want a blog .

    But let's be honest – your excellent, considered and as always, thought provoking post on Posterous about the 'Social wars' could equally have been posted over here on your oh so conventional blog.

  3. Agreed on the easyness – a few weeks ago I tied a domain I had lying around ( to posterous and started messing around with it. I really enjoy the combo of bookmarklet and e-mail interface, and the way it handles images and videos for me is perfect.

    After years and years of maintaining and upgrading, and more often than not not upgrading, my hosted wordpress installations, it's nice to have a no-hassle system on my own domain.

  4. Robert, what makes Posterous different? Is it posting via e-mail? How is that different from WordPress? You can post to a WordPress weblog via e-mail, I'd imagine Tumblr can do the same, and I know for a fact I can do it with Blogger?

    Should we expect a post on why it's better than what we're currently doing? I'd really like to see some hard data that supports the hype.

    You say “It's nicer to use than Way nicer.” How?

  5. I've been using Posterous for a little while – it's excellent. The “Auto Post” functionality is it's killer feature at present – allowing one email to hit Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Flickr, etc with no effort involved.

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