Animoto and SmugMug bring video editing to us idiots

After watching that last video edited by two pros I’m jealous. How can the rest of us who have iPhone video cameras, or low-cost Flip or Kodak cameras, going to make killer professional quality videos?

Animoto and Smugmug, this morning, announced a partnership that makes it possible.

Why does this matter? Well, TechCrunch founder Mike Arrington announced on Twitter that Animoto is his favorite service ever.

Oh, and notice that I filmed the whole interview last night on my Kodak Zi8. Cost? $180.


  1. I just used Animoto for the first time this week to create a video for my niece's birthday, and I LOVE this tool. It is so easy to use, and the product that is created is really excellent. My favorite feature is that you can use both still photos and videos. I'm sure that this integration with SmugMug will make users of both services very happy indeed.

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