Techmeme vs. Twitter lists? (UPDATE: vs. TechCrunch list)

I love giving Gabe Rivera grief, founder of Techmeme. But I do love Techmeme. I read it every day.

But now that we have Twitter lists, I’m finding I read Techmeme differently. Why? Well, TechMeme has a Twitter account.

So, when something gets added to Techmeme it gets added to my tech news list. (By the way, refresh the list every minute or so and you’ll see just how much news this industry generates).

But something else is also on that list: 492 other news sources!

So, now you get Techmeme AND you get a large diversity of news that you can’t get on Techmeme.

Which is better? You tell me!

And I still think it’s funny that people are arguing with me that Google Reader is better than this. Um, really?

UPDATE: I see that TechCrunch is keeping a list of news sources too. Its list only has 30 news sources on it. Which do you like better? Mine or TechCrunch or TechMeme?